• The I-10 League

    Part of the I-10 Alliance Competition Platform

    New player pathways that unite soccer clubs and communities.


    Our Mission

    Improve player and coach development across the region though our competition platform offering.

  • FAQ

    * Seven dates are available - build your 4 to 6 game season from the dates below.

    * Teams are seeded by DOCs and Coaches to ensure competitive matches.

    * You play each team only once to ensure variety of opponents and styles.

    * The league is for U13 and above.

    * The league is sanctioned by US Club Soccer.

    * We currently have 9 clubs fully committed.

    * Benefits of the I-10 League:

    • Consistent & competitive matches
    • Variety of opponents and styles
    • Reduced travel times
    • Reduced costs for soccer families

    Andy Warner

    Director of Soccer

    “We are proud and excited to be part of a new soccer platform focused on the ‘player first’ initiative. Our partnership with other I-10 regional clubs will give our members the opportunity of competitive play without the overnight stay. This initiative adds to our existing player development programs and at the older age groups provides an additional pathway to the college level. We are excited to compete with other clubs who hold similar values to our own and be able to tailor the league to meet the needs of our players. This is long overdue in our region.”

    Louis Richard

    Director of Coaching

    “FC Dallas-Emerald Coast is very excited to join the inaugural season for The I-10 League. This is an opportunity for clubs to compete within Northwest Florida region, challenge their players and develop teams without great demand of expenses for travel. We are intrigued about competing in a structured league with anticipation of 50-100 teams this first season."

    John Guidroz

    Director of Coaching

    “We are excited to be a part of this movement to provide a quality league structure for our panhandle/gulf coast area teams.”

    Jona Hammond

    Director of Coaching

    "We are honored to be a part of the inaugural season of the I-10 Futbol League. This league not only provides the opportunity for consistent competition, but also gives our players a platform to compete against some of the best clubs in and around our area. We look forward to a continued relationship with US Club Soccer in a way that complements our view on the development of youth soccer."

    Paul Martin

    Director of Coaching

    "Bayside are excited to be part of the foundation of the I-10 Alliance & the I-10 League. The vision of the I-10 Alliance will allow us to continue to develop local talent while providing the top players an opportunity to play with and against some of the best talent in the South. This allows them to continue to play with friends and contribute to their club team while still providing a path for further development and the opportunity to be identified for higher levels of soccer play."

    Frank Casillo

    Director of Coaching

    "GulfSouth is thrilled and honored to be a member of the inaugural I-10 League launching this Fall. Through this effort, we believe our players will gain an enhanced opportunity for continued growth fostered by a soundly-run and competitive league platform."

    Bruno Resende

    Director of Coaching

    "We at FCM Soccer are honored & excited to join the new I-10 League this Fall. We are looking forward to play in a competitive cost efficient league with reduced travel among multiple states. The I-10 experienced staff is providing a great platform for our young players' continued development and exposure to the next level."

    Carl Reynolds

    Director of Coaching

    "Southern States Soccer is delighted to be joining the I-10 alliance. The structure and competitiveness of the league were big factors in our decision to join and adds another top level resource to the development process of our players. It is important to us that our Academy players are constantly challenged but within an environment where individual development is paramount. The I-10 League ticked all those boxes. Our hope is that all the organizations involved can benefit from one another as we continue to push the boundaries of youth development in our region."

    Jhonatan Cardenas

    Director of Coaching

    "Chivas FC is honored to be a member of the inaugural I-10 League starting this Fall. We have been waiting for a local competitive league that our players can participate in, and IXL will provide that path to development for our players without the extra cost for overnight expenses. I believe all the clubs participating have a lot to gain by making this league a priority."

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